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Cultural and sports activities

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 The strategy of 'life-related University student is based on the following levels:

Ensuring the availability of information resources,
Helping new students in choosing their orientation,
 Provide specific support to some students,
Develop health prevention,
Diversify cultural and sports activities and promote student engagement,
Develop socio-cultural spaces,
Encourage student clubs and associations stimulating volunteering.
Develop sports and cultural activities and encourage the 'student engagement
The presence of a cultural space, a sports complex in Monastir and a very diverse associations, constitutes an enabling environment to encourage the commitment of students to practice their hobbies and volunteering s''initier and civil work.
This can be achieved in collaboration with the Regional Directorate of academic works (ONOU).
Develop relations between high school and university for better orientation
A cell will ensure the mission of shares of information and coordination which will be conducted in partnership with the service orientation to high schools for improved orientation of graduates.
The university will pay particular attention to regional and national days of information to new graduates.
         Furthermore, the University will:
Improving the conditions of reception of the student;
Encourage motivated among them to develop academic extracurricular activities (cultural and sporting)
Improve student participation in university bodies,
Confronting students spontaneous amateur practices and practices supervised by professionals to contribute to the enrichment of the general cultural level of the students.
The objectives listed above will be achieved by intensifying activities in the context of clubs and associations (especially in science, health and culture).

music 7
visual arts 5
theater 3
dance 1
Trips and outings 3
multimedia Information 5
health 5
environment 2
science Clubs 15
Sport 11
languages 2
cultural 6
other 15

Associations :



scientific 11
cultural 8
sports 13
other 11


The President of University of Monastir

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