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The President

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President of the University

Pr. Hedi bel Hadj Salah



 The President of the University of Monastir is the chief administrator of the university and the chairman of the University board. He is assisted by two vice-presidents and a secretary general whom he delegates the daily running of the university in terms of administrative matters, programs, trainings, scientific research,   technological development cooperation activities, and professional integration.

The University of Monastir is famously decentralized, noted for the independence of its various constituent faculties and institutions and schools. They set their own academic standards and manage their own budgets. The president, however, plays an important part in university-wide planning and strategy and determines the foreign policy and signs the cooperation agreements with other universities and research poles. 

He is expected to make strategical decisions after extensive consultation with faculty and higher institutions’ deans and directors.


  • The vice president charged of scientific research, technological development and partnership with the environment. .

    P.H.U. Faten Ben Abdallah Ben Amor faten.benamor@yahoo.fr

  • The vice president charged of the programs, training and professional integration,

    Pr. Rachid Said rachid.said@ipeim.rnu.tn

The university general secretary



The President of University of Monastir

The University of Monastir’s proud heritage of academic excellence dates back to its founding in 2004 (Decree n° 2102 of 2004). Its foundation was part of the reform that the Tunisian university educational system perceived. Its creation aims at developing the service quality under decentralization, by improving the efficiency as part of a new approach that takes into account the scientific, academic and social considerations. Over the years, The University of Monastir grew and prospered, becoming one of main components of the university landscape in Tunisia See More